Raúll Jiménez came on as a substitute in Wolverhampton's defeat

Raúll Jiménez came on as a substitute in Wolverhampton’s 3-0 loss to Brighton.

The defeat momentarily leaves Raúl’s team out of European competition.

Bad day for the Wolves and Raúl Jiménez who let go of the opportunity to be in European competitions and important points against Brighton.

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The scoreboard opened at minute 42 from a penalty for Brighton, given the lack of opportunities Wolves coach Bruno Lage decided to bring in Raúl Jiménez to contribute to the team’s attack.

Brighton’s defense did not allow the Wolves to do any damage and even allowed only one shot on goal.

The second goal came at minute 70 and to finish the win at minute 86 the third goal would come.

The Wolves remain with 49 points in position 8 in the table outside of European competition positions.

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