Re-elected President of Kazakhstan;  Health professionals in Madrid go on strike;  Serbia and Kosovo still without agreements;  Lula Da Silva discharged after laryngeal surgery
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Re-elected President of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s president, Kasim-Yomart Tokáyev, will assume the presidency again by winning the early elections, held last Sunday. The Central Electoral Commission of the Asian country reported that this candidate obtained around 6.5 million votes, while the others could not exceed 4% of the electorate. That day, 8.3 million Kazakhs went to the polls, representing 69.43% of the total electoral population. With this victory, Tokáyev will remain in power until 2029. (Telesur)

Photo: EFE

Health professionals in Madrid go on strike

Some 400 doctors and pediatricians from health centers in Madrid, Spain, are on an indefinite strike to demand better working conditions. According to the call, primary care doctors point out that they are in an extreme situation and very exhausted. The strike began three days after a protest on November 7, lifted with formal agreements. With this strike, professionals in the sector want to reach a negotiation to address the problems of health centers and stop the exodus of doctors. (Telesur)

Serbia and Kosovo still without agreements in their negotiations

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said Serbia and Kosovo failed to reach an agreement over their dispute over car license plates in talks in Brussels on Monday. At the end of July, the situation in Kosovo worsened, due to Pristina’s decision not to validate Serbian documents and car license plates issued by Belgrade. In mid-September, Vucic described the risk of a war in the region as high, due to the unilateral measures taken by the Kosovar government. (RT)

Lula Da Silva discharged after laryngeal surgery

The president-elect of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, is at home after being discharged from the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital in Sao Paulo, where he was admitted last Sunday to undergo a laryngoscopy to remove leukoplakia from one of his cords. vowels. On his Twitter profile of him, he wrote: “Good morning. Already at home, after a small procedure yesterday. All resolved and fine. Good week for all”. The doctors stressed that the 77-year-old president-elect has control of the larynx tumor diagnosed in 2011. (Telesur)

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