Real Campestre and Zaragoza fight for leadership in First A of the Piedadense League

La Piedad, Michoacán.- The fight for the overall leadership in the First A of the League have mercy It’s getting hotter and hotterbecause the teams with possibilities of closing as leaders are adding gold points.

On day 15 that took place last Sunday, May 1, Royal Country won at home by a thrashing 8-0 over Saragossa, that until before this duel was the first in the table with 34 units.

Now, Royal Country He also has 34 points and shares the upper part of the competition, so the last games of each squad will undoubtedly be important not to lose points.

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Halcones, which is third in the tournament, tied against Cougars Hares without goals and with this it rises to 30 units, but the felines still seek to stay in the qualifying zone for the Liguilla.

Aztec Y Saint Sebastian, They are the other teams that are giving something to talk about and this week they won so they are in the first five places in the general table of this highest category of the League.

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