Reato on the dome of Montoneros: "They cannot be at home as retirees who have done nothing"

Chamber I of the Federal Chamber ordered to reopen an investigation to analyze the responsibility of the group Montoneros in the attack on the dining room of the Federal Security Superintendence on July 2, 1976.

To understand what happened back then, REPROFILE contacted the journalist, director of Fortune magazine and author of Massacre in the Dining Room, Ceferino Reatowho referred to the responsibilities of Montoneros in this attack and the reason that led the Justice to reopen the case.

“The Justice asks the judge of first instance, Maria Servini, to investigate better, to focus on other topics and to explore them, before determining that it has been a crime, it is already prescribedbecause according to the lawyer it is not a crime against humanityd,” Reato said.

“Massacre in the Dining Room”: CELS accused the judges of “wanting to equate it with State violence”

In this sense, the interviewee asserted that now, “Justice should summon the witnesses who are alive, as is the case of Mario Firmenich or Horacio Verbitsky.” “I did not find evidence that implicated him (Verbitsky), but Rodolfo Walsh“.

Regarding Firmenich’s responsibility in the attack, Reato said: “The Firmenich thing is evident, it is in all the communications, (Roberto) Perdía has already recognized ittherefore some explanation has to be given, they cannot be at home as retirees who have done nothing“.

To conclude, Ceferino Reato referred to the leadership commanded by Montoneros who were not punished for their crimes: They have been so lucky that Justice in the Kirchnerist era has determined that heThe crimes committed by them do not have to be investigated, because they are not crimes against humanitywhich is a very interpretation of our Justice”. Then he added: “In the world that doesn’t exist. Imagine that you couldn’t investigate the crimes of ETA or of the FARCThat doesn’t exist, it exists here.”

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