Reborn!  This is how they rescued a pressed driver when a bus collided with a trailer

San Luis de la Paz, GuanajuatoThe driver of a bus was rescued alive after colliding and being pressed against the platform of a trailer and four passengers were seriously injured.

The accident occurred at approximately 5:30 in the morning on kilometer 96 of federal highway 57, a section belonging to the municipality of San Luis de la Paz, in the lane that goes from Querétaro to San Luis Potosí.

The section was closed to vehicular traffic for just over three hours while the rescue and care of injured.

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Between the twisted irons and the shattered bodywork they managed to get the pressed driver out. PHOTO: AM

Volunteer firefighters and paramedics attended the scene. Saint Louis of Peace who along with staff from the Emergency System of the State of Guanajuato They carried out several maneuvers with hydraulic equipment to rescue the driver who was trapped inside the vehicle.

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Paramedics treated 12 passengers

The work began at dawn, there are four injured hospitalized. PHOTO: AM

The bus collided with a trailer carrying flooring and tile.

Rescuers treated a total of 12 people, all bus passengers.

Of the 12 passengers, two people suffered serious injuries and two other serious injuries, including the bus driver of the line futurewhich was destined for Chihuahua to Mexico City.


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