Record 10 dead after shooting in Mexico

The Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM), located in central Mexico, reported Tuesday that at least 10 suspected criminals died during a confrontation between state and federal security forces with an armed group in the region.


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Police authorities reported that the events took place in the town of Texcaltitlán, in the Mexican state, neighboring the capital of the Latin American country. Three members of the FGJEM were injured in the clashes.

The entity added that forces from the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), the Secretary of the Navy (Semar), the National Guard and the Secretary of Security of the State of Mexico immediately moved to the scene.

“The attorney general and those of us who work in the Attorney General’s Office recognize and are proud of the actions carried out, without respite, by our colleagues against criminal groups throughout the State of Mexico,” he stressed.

The Mexican prosecutor’s office reported the seizure of 20 long R-15-type weapons, handguns, useful cartridges, bulletproof vests, military-style uniforms, communication equipment and five vehicles.

The scene of the events is located in the border area with the states of Guerrero and Michoacán, territories where the cultivation and transfer of narcotic drugs such as marijuana and poppies proliferate, in addition to the presence of armed groups.

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