Regulations for the Protection and Preservation of the Environment are approved

Irapuato.- After four years of modifications, the Irapuato City Council unanimously approved the Regulation for the Protection and Preservation of the Environment, which includes the elimination of the use of single-use plastics, a project to address climate change and actions for the management of urban trees.

The Regulation has the objective of regulating, promoting, respecting, protecting and guaranteeing the human right to enjoy a healthy environment for their development and well-being, which is in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations Organization (UN).

Among the issues it deals with is the procedure for the Declaration of Municipal Natural Protected Areas, the Program for the Protection and Preservation of the Environment that will address the plans and programs for climate change, environmental education, reforestation and tree planting, prevention and comprehensive management of solid waste. urban.

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The Municipal Environmental Advisory Council will also be created, the creation of the Preventive Phase Committee for Air Quality, the rules that will regulate the protection and management of urban trees, the regulation of environmental procedures, the environmental impact assessment procedure, among others. Other themes.

The mayor of Irapuato, Lorraine Alfaro Garciahighlighted that the Regulation will also promote the preservation of urban trees and their correct compensation in public works projects, in addition to the fact that real estate developers must generate green spaces.

“We set out to have a resilient and friendly city with the environment, and with this approval of the Environment Regulation we will take that step to achieve it,” he said.

Councilors of the City Council explained the importance of this document that will come into force one day after it is published in the Official Newspaper of the State Government, with the exception of the regulation in which the prohibitions of single-use plastics are determined, the which will come into force from January 1, 2023.

They question the work of the IMUVI

In the same session, the councilor of Morena, Luis Carlos Manzano Guerreroquestioned the work of the Municipal Housing Institute (IMUVI), which currently has a 70% overdue portfolio and assured that there is no resource recovery plan.

“Of 395 accounts, 278 are in overdue portfolio and the most worrying thing about the case was that we do not have a plan, a project to recover that overdue portfolio, and yet, they are already passing us a project for 17 million 600 thousand pesos of income from what is intended to be sold”, he indicated.

He commented that the sale of the San Luis property is also contemplated, which should not be done due to its added value, for which he considered that a reengineering of the institute is required, since it is worrying that the resource of the houses that have been sold is not being recovered, regardless of the economic situation of the people who acquired them.

The second trustee of the City Council, Liliana Perez Maresstressed that the purpose of the IMUVI is not tax collection and that they have been working on other relevant actions, such as the deed of homes and the development of new subdivisions for people with limited resources.

For her part, the Mayor assured that the institute has a clear plan, established in the Government Plan 2021-2024, whose main objective is the regularization of neighborhoods, projecting new areas of housing supply and the possible acquisition of more land reserves.

Alfaro García said that they will work on the recovery of the overdue portfolio and that the sale of the San Luis property is a possibility, since it is necessary to acquire more land reserve area for those who do not have the possibility of having a mortgage loan.

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