Released 38 people kidnapped by a gang in Haiti

The Association of Owners and Drivers of Haiti (APCH) reported this Saturday that the 38 people who were kidnapped by a gang in Port-au-Prince were released.


Gang members in Haiti storm Palace of Justice

“The passengers who had been kidnapped were released and the two buses recovered on June 11,” confirmed the carriers’ association on its official twitter profile.

It was not specified if the gang members asked for a ransom or some specific condition to release the victims.

The kidnapping was carried out last Friday when a gang from the Village de Dieu, one of the poorest and most violent neighborhoods in the Haitian capital, attacked two minibuses heading to Miragoâne, in the west of the capital.

To get to this destination, it is necessary to take a national highway that connects the capital with the south of the country and which, since 2021, has been taken over by armed gangs.

In this regard, the president of the APCH declared that “he always asks his drivers not to take this road until the state restores security.”

The country’s police authorities have lost control of the aforementioned national highway, but also of other strategic points in the country, which is why violence and lack of control have increased in the Haitian nation.

Kidnappings of foreigners and nationals have become common events in the country, as a method used by gangs to impress fear, ask for money or demonstrate control over certain territories.

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