"Renaissance": does Beyoncé's new album sound the death knell for surprise announcements?

We still know very little about Renaissance, Beyoncé’s seventh solo album (her last album was released six years ago). But significant information was released yesterday, June 16, by the American star: his release date, scheduled for Friday July 29, reports The Wall Street Journal.

As the American daily points out, this announcement more than a month old (which is accompanied by the cover of the UK edition of vogue of the month of July) is far from trivial for the singer. Indeed, Beyoncé has taken the habit of spreading the news of her album releases at the last moment. She is even known to have “disseminated this strategy [de la surprise] in the 2010s”, recalls the American daily. Started in 2013 with the album Beyonce, this continued in 2016 with a “visual album” (a

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