Renata Litvinova in Paris yearns for her homeland

Renata Litvinova in Paris yearns for her homeland


Renata Litvinova, after escaping to Europe, constantly tells and shows what is happening in her environment. The actress who left for France is worried about her future. First, she posted photos from the hospital, and then wrote a letter to the artistic director of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater Konstantin Khabensky that she could not return to Russia due to illness. The star did not disclose her diagnosis. And the other day, her theater colleague Pavel Tabakov spoke about a serious illness of a blonde.

Renata Litvinova in Paris yearning for her homeland, emaciated, pale. The actress demonstrates sunken cheeks and an extinct look. The once spectacular celebrity began to look like a woman mired in life’s problems. The sad thoughts of the star are also connected with her state of health.

Renata showed the public photos from the hospital. She was on a drip. The exhausted actress was reclining on the bed. The celebrity is dressed in a hospital disposable gown.

She did not say why she went to the doctors. And after some time, Pavel Tabakov made a statement about the illness of the artist.

“Renata Litvinova went to Paris for health reasons. Until the hospital where she is, forbade her to fly. Perhaps she will return, we will continue to play and there will be no problems. Of course, this is not up to me. But I hope it will happen,” quotes the actor.

Recall that the actress left Russia at the end of February. The artist flew to Paris, where she has a luxurious apartment. Due to the escape of Litvinova to Europe, the tour of the Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov, where she serves, were in jeopardy. Renata on this occasion addressed her fans with apologies. “I won’t come … And I apologize to my viewers and my artists … Thank you for your understanding …” she wrote.

After that, the artist posted a heartbreaking post of longing for Russia. The actress dressed up in glamorous robes for tens of thousands of euros. Contemplating the streets of Paris, she indulged in nostalgia for her homeland.

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