Rental Law 20220622

“We need them to change that line because it is not clear how the staggering will be. It is not going to be understood what the indexation in the contracts is going to be, ”the representative of the group of real estate brokers claimed. United by Profession, Federico López Castromilto two opposition deputies, from interblocks different, who reached an agreement in the commissions of PBudget and Treasury and General Legislation. Now they hope to sanction a new Rental Law.

“The issue is that if we change that nowwe are going to have to go out and explain to each one of the blocks what modification we made, and it may be for quilombo. We have the Liberals on one side and the Socialists on the other, imagine it”, answered one of the PRO’s political swordsmen. “But it is important, because it will only generate complications in the contracts,” insisted Castromil. “Yes, he understood you for me, I have no problem, but as I told you, we cannot put the number at risk”replied the legislator.

This dialogue occurred at the entrance to the room on the second floor of the Annex C in the Chamber of Deputies. Two legislators went out to celebrate that they had reached an agreement that leaves them one step closer to the half sanction of a new rental law. Everyone’s Front signed the majority opinion with 40 signatures. Nevertheless, Together for Change agreed with him Federal Interblock, United Provinces, and the SER and Avanza Libertad blocks, a text that guarantees them the majority in the room.

In spite of this, in the Front of All they remain calm. They can’t imagine that Together for Change convene a special session to deal with a minority office, in a context where votes are not guaranteed. They understand that the two socialists are not going to accompany. The same with the two of Front of the Missions Concord, despite Diego Sartori, representative of the block in Budget and Finance, signed the dispatch. “She did it because there is a senator from the province who insists on it. But she is not sure to accompany ”, they understand close to Germán Martínez, head of the Frente de Todos bloc.

the deal

The negotiations between Together for Change and the Federal Interblock with Together We Are Río Negro unlocked after both parties agree to changes. In early May, they had separate opinions. This favored the Front of All since they could maintain the current law as they wanted it to be.

They decided to run the limit on the raises he wanted Graciela Camanoinspired by the project of the Agustin Domingo from Rio Negro. “In practice, it is something difficult to carry out that only complicates hiring even more,” one of the deputies who participated directly in the negotiation. They also agreed “Tax exemptions in the tribute of personal assets” Y “benefits for monotributistas”.

The debate

“The fruitful dialogue between different blocks”, he highlighted in the debate Alejandro Cacace (Radical Evolution). In his argument, he stated:State intervention in rent regulation should not take place through prices, but through incentives to guarantee supply”.

For his part, Agustín Domingo, author of one of the projects and articulator of the office in conjunction with Together for Changehe pointed: “We have continued working with the interblocks with which we had a similar view about what changes needed to be made in the Rental Law and tax incentives. Thus, he confirmed that “they agreed to unify a single project.”

Rental Law 20220622

For the ruling party, José Luis Gioja, who presented a project that proposed the tax on idle housing, stated that “it is clear who is going to win, it is clear who is going to impose”, with the new law that the opposition wants. “The most affected sector are the tenants. As legislators, what we have to do minimally is defend the rights of the tenants”, he lamented and roared: “We are going to make the law of the chicken coop rule, the one above shits the one below! And that’s not how it should be.”

With the dispatches signed, the issue was ready to be dealt with on the premises. In the opinion of Serge Massa there are two lists of topics to deal with. In one Topics where there is majority agreement are listed, such as the Compre Argentino project, palliative care and bio and nanotechnology. In another, there are those who generate rispideces, and do not have the votes: the reform of the Council of the Magistrature, unexpected income, the creation of the Fund to pay the IMF.

“We are going to make the law of the chicken coop rule, the one on top shits the one on the bottom! And that’s not how it should be.”

Among the latter is the Rental Law. They know that the opposition will seek to take it to a session and in the room they will impose themselves to vote on the opinion that they promoted. While, the ruling party does not give up and will seek to seduce the four of the Left Front, the two socialists and the two from the Concord Front of Misiones.


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