Rental ranking: the most expensive and the cheapest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

The most expensive and cheapest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires to rent

Puerto Madero is the most expensive neighborhood in the City of Buenos Aires with an average price of 128,607 pesos per month. They are followed by Palermo and Núñez with 85,345 and 80,779 pesos per month, respectively. In the middle zone are San Telmo (66,883 pesos per month), Villa del Parque (66,194 pesos per month) and Mataderos (62,480 pesos per month). The cheapest neighborhoods to rent are Floresta (53,643 pesos per month), Liniers (54,765 pesos per month) and Villa Luro (56,502 pesos per month).

Chacarita (85%), Colegiales (82.6%) and Palermo (81.4%) are the neighborhoods with the highest year-on-year increase in price. Parque Patricios is the one that goes up the least with an annual variation of (53%).

Purchase-sale market in CABA: prices fall 3.8% in the year

Sales prices in 2022 fall by 3.8% and the value per square meter stands at $2,265. This value decreases 0.5% compared to the previous month. The current price is similar to that of May 2016.

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The value of a studio apartment in CABA is 97,613 dollars. On the other hand, a two-room apartment with 50 m2 has a value of 118,309 dollars. A three-room, 70-m2 apartment costs $167,322.

Four years ago, 90% of the neighborhoods registered a drop in price. Today 88% of the neighborhoods show a drop in price. In addition, the increase in construction cost is stopped. Building today costs 23% cheaper than in the period 2012-2021.

The ranking of prices by neighborhood is headed by Puerto Madero (5,554 dollars/m2), Palermo (2,973 dollars/m2) and Belgrano (2,824 dollars/m2). The cheapest neighborhoods in the City are Lugano (1,071 dollars/m2), Nueva Pompeya (1,486 dollars/m2) and La Boca (1,571 dollars/m2).

Real estate profitability decreases due to the depreciation of the peso

The rent/price ratio falls slightly and stands at 3.88% annually due to the depreciation of the peso, last month this percentage was 4.09%. In other words, 25.8 years of rent are needed to recover the initial investment. This value is 24% below what was required a year ago.

La Boca and Balvanera are the best neighborhoods for investors looking for rent as they have an average return of 4.9% and 4.5% per year, respectively. On the contrary, Puerto Madero and Liniers are the ones that generate the lowest profitability (3.0% and 3.4%).

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