REPORT GP ABU DHABI.  World champion Max Verstappen never gets into trouble and puts the icing on the cake, Leclerc snatches vice world title from Pérez
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Max Verstappen has cashed in on his pole position in Abu Dhabi. The Dutchman of Red Bull was in the lead from start to finish and emphasizes his (second) world title even more. Verstappen’s teammate Pérez still had to give up his second place in the standings. Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc is vice world champion this season.

Jens Heylen

What preceded…

Max Verstappen took pole position on Saturday, his teammate Pérez could be found in P2.

How did the start go?

Well for Hamilton anyway. The Brit immediately jumped over Sainz to fourth place, but would fall back to sixth place due to loss of strength. The positions of all the other pilots were virtually retained.

How did the victory come about?

Pretty simple. Verstappen was in the lead from start to finish. A day win would no longer bring up any changes as far as the world championship is concerned. Verstappen had been certain of his second title in as many years.

Who stood out?

You already know the answer to this question. World champion Max Verstappen was the top of the class in Abu Dhabi. Although we must also have a word for Charles Leclerc. Ferrari’s Monegasque did put Pérez to the test where he could and finally took second place in the standings. He is so vice world champion.


Who didn’t have their day?

Around halfway through the race, Fernando Alonso had to give up. The 41-year-old Spaniard was forced to give up in his Alpine due to a water leak. Next season he will take Vettel’s seat at Aston Martin. Later in the race, Hamilton also had to retire early.

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What was the spectacle value?

There was no real spectacle for the day victory. Verstappen never got into trouble, only behind him the positions changed here and there. Leclerc’s Ferrari sped past Pérez, making the Monegask virtual vice world champion. The Mexican from Red Bull tried to reassemble him, but got stuck in third place.

What do we remember from the race?

Lewis Hamilton has not yet been able to win a single Grand Prix this season and did not do so on Sunday either. Quite exceptional because the seven-time world champion has won at least one race in recent years.


The farewell of Sebastian Vettel. The German officially drove his last race in Abu Dhabi and waves goodbye with four world titles.


1. Verstappen


3. Perez

4. Sainz


6. Norris

7. Ocon

8. Stroll

9. Ricciardo

10. Vettel

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