Report: near kyiv, deminers track down explosives left by the Russians

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Around the Ukrainian capital, where the Russian army has passed, demining units are busy looking for lost rockets. So far, more than 28,000 explosives have been found. Around kyiv, 30% of the fields could contain mines, and more than 10% of Ukrainian territory today represents a danger for civilians. Report.

Where the Russian army has gone, tens of thousands of explosives are left behind. Around kyiv, more than 28,000 explosives have been found by deminers, who are continuing their search in mined neighborhoods.

The Russian army has massively used the mines and thousands of hectares are potentially trapped. Deminers from Mykhailo Konopelniuk’s team, followed by France 24, work on a bridge destroyed by the Russians, where all the ammunition did not explode.

“It’s an 82 mm mortar shell,” said Mykhailo Konopelniuk, head of the demining unit. “The Russians blew up the bridge with these bombs. Some explosives, too fragile, cannot be moved. This anti-tank mine must be destroyed by the team”, he explains, calling to check the connection of the cable . “Fire fire fire!”

“The Russians have not differentiated between civilian and military infrastructure. They just want to do damage,” he adds.

“We take these risks because we are patriots”

Bulldozers go into action to clear the bridge and install a temporary structure. The pilot of the machine stops: he has found a new crate of shells. Impossible to know if it was a trap or abandoned equipment, and this is not the first time that the driver has been confronted with such a discovery.

“We take these risks because we are patriots,” says Serhiy Horbach, backhoe driver. “I do this job for my country to prosper.”

The risk for the surrounding villagers is obvious: these farmers had to flee the fighting at the start of the conflict, and now face a new danger. “We found a mine ten meters in this direction, another twenty meters over there, and two more over here,” says farmer Volodymyr Oliynych.

Farmers are the most exposed populations. Around kyiv, 30% of the fields could contain mines. According to the government, more than 10% of Ukrainian territory represents a danger for civilians because of Russian explosives.

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