Republicans say they are ready to investigate President Biden for an alleged abuse of power
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The US Republican Party maintained its pressure on the president on Thursday, Joe Bidenadvancing that in the next Congress they have as a priority to investigate the president and his family for doing business with opponents of the country taking advantage of their political ties.

The future Chairman of the Supervisory Committee, James Comer, wanted to make it clear at a press conference that, according to his data, Biden lied when he stated in 2019 that he did not know anything about the activities of his relatives, which is why he is included in their investigations.

The Republican members of that committee sent letters on Thursday to the Treasury Department, the National Archives and the FBI, among others, asking them for the documentation they have in their possession about the Biden family.

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In his letter to the Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellenit is highlighted, for example, that the refusal of that cabinet to deliver the information that they have already requested in the past arouses concern that the president is using his influence not only to allow his relatives to benefit from his position, but to protect them from scrutiny over their financial relationships.

That the Treasury has not provided them with the complete list of all Russian citizens sanctioned for USA for the invasion of UkraineIn his opinion, it also suggests that he may be protecting people connected to his family.

The letter to the National Archives also questions that Biden may be making decisions in the best interest of his family members and demands, among other things, all documents and communications between the president’s office and members or associates of his family related to Russia. and Ukraine between January 2009 and 2017.

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Biden’s knowledge of and involvement in those deals, they argue, has made you susceptible to influence, blackmail or extortion by foreign entities, including the Chinese Communist Party, thereby exposing the country “to national risks that could be used by their enemies.”

Republicans believe that Biden misled the American public in his 2020 election campaign and that he continues to do so every time he maintains that he was not aware of those transactions.

Many of these operations, according to Comer, they triggered the alerts in US banks.

“There are many questions that need answers. We just want to know the truth. We plan to do it aggressively but in accordance with the Constitution”, added to the press the Republican Jim Jordanmember of that committee.

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Among the evidence on which they are based, they mentioned the computer that supposedly belonged to the second son of the current president, Hunter Biden, Left behind in a repair center in Delaware and filled with private data about his life and business.

In that machine it is demonstrated, as they affirmed, that this family used its relationship with Biden for a decade to enrich itself thanks to that link and the promises of what a future Administration in the hands of the Democrat could do in favor of those potential partners.

The Republicans had advanced since when they regain power of the Lower House in January they also plan to investigate the “politicization“of the FBI or the reasons that led to the search of the former president’s mansion donald trump (2017-2021) in August.

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