Republicans win a majority in the House of Representatives
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the opponent Republican Party reached this Wednesday, as estimated, the majority of its own in the United States House of Representatives for the legislative period beginning in January, by ensuring 218 benches in the countdown of the midterm elections, which will leave a divided Congress with one body for the opposition and another for the Democrats.

The Republican majority in the lower house is smaller than the party expected Before the elections on Tuesday of last week and in the Senate, in fact, he did not manage to break the pro-government majority. The Republican opposition needed a net gain of just five seats to wrest the House of Representatives, which has 435, from Democrats.

The Republicans hoped to have a much larger majority to complicate President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda and initiate investigations into the management of the Government, but a numerical advantage as minimal as the one that seems to be the definitive one would complicate the plans.

President Biden admitted this Wednesday night the change of hands of the majority in the lower house and congratulated the Republican opposition for the result. “Americans want us to do things for them; I will work with anyone, Republican or Democrat, who is willing to work with me to get results for the people,” Trump said in a statement released by the White House. “The future is too bright to be locked in a political war“, he added.

The news comes after the former president donald trumpwhose endorsement appears to have doomed some of his party’s candidates, announced his 2024 presidential bid. With inflation rising and Biden’s popularity ratings falling, Republicans hoped to win control of both chambers and therefore be in a position to effectively block most of Biden’s legislative plans.

Instead, Democratic voters turned out to vote en masse, fueled by the Supreme Court’s nullification of abortion rights and wary of Trump-backed candidates who openly reject the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. AND Republicans lost ground with candidates rejected by moderate voters as too extreme. “Last week’s vote was a strong pushback against election deniers, political violence and intimidation and demonstrated the strength and resilience of American democracy,” the US president said in his statement.

Pelosi fired

For his part, Biden also congratulated the Republican kevin mccarthychosen this Tuesday by his peers to be the leader of his party in the lower housewith 188 points in favor against 31, for the victory of the Republicans of the majority of the House.

The 57-year-old California congressman, a senior member of the Republican leadership of the lower house since 2014, defeated his counterpart andy biggs, a member of the far-right group Freedom Caucus. But possible defections from the far right could complicate his path when the full House votes in January.

McCarthy must win the vote in the plenary session on January 3when the 435 new members of the lower house, Republicans and Democrats, will elect president, the third most important position in American politics after that of president and vice president. The so-called “speaker” marks the legislative calendar, by managing which bills are going to be debated and when.

After the screenings, McCarthy spoke on Fox News where he bragged about ousting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “Tonight it’s official: the one-party rule of the Democrats is over. We have fired Nancy Pelosi“, he remarked. Donald Trump, bragged about the same thing in his speech, where he is running as a candidate, this Tuesday.

The Senate is for Democrats

Biden’s party flipped a key Senate seat in Pennsylvania and kept two more in the battleground states of Arizona and Nevada, giving Democrats a an unassailable majority in the upper house with fifty seats plus the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris.

the second round of Senate elections in Georgiascheduled for next month, could see Democrats improve their majority in the upper house. The Senate oversees the confirmation of federal judges and cabinet members, and having this hundred-seat body on his side could be of great help to the American president.

Like Biden, the Democratic majority leader in the Senate American, Chuck Shumer, welcomed his political opponents. “We act whenever we can from a bipartisan perspective. We welcome Republicans to work together and get things done,” Schumer said.

From the opposite side, they also opted to bring positions closer. “There is a lot of work ahead. If we want solutions for the American people, we will have to find a common ground of understanding,” said the senator. John Thune.

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