Research brings great news to Doria at the crucial moment of the third way

THE new round of the Ipespe poll, released this Friday, 13, pointed to a growth of 2 percentage points in the voting potential of the PSDB pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic João Doria.

When asked if they could vote for the toucan, 37% of voters answered yes, a performance well above that of the MDB pre-candidate, Simone Tebetwhich registered only 15%.

Before, register, the toucan was at 35% and Tebet kept the same percentage.

The upward bias, obviously, strengthens the choice of Doria’s name in the negotiations that will define the head of the third way ticket precisely at the moment when another survey, commissioned by the PSDB, Cidadania and MDB, will be carried out to indicate the name with better able to run in one of the most polarized elections in history.

The internal survey of the parties will be carried out over the weekend, with voters from all over Brazil, by the Instituto Guimarães Research and Planning.

The numbers will support the choice of the single candidate of the acronyms for the Presidency. The result (now we wait to see if these numbers will be repeated) of the survey should be released by the 18th.

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