Resident catches truck on corner, complains and is chased by driver

Resident had to run from a neighbor, who was angry when he was caught committing a traffic violation

The lack of awareness of the Campo Grande driver is nothing new for anyone and it is clear, whether in moving traffic or when parking. And an act made on the night of this Friday (13), in the Estrela do Sul Residential Complex is an example of this.

In addition to parking a truck on the corner of Rua Veridiana and Lua Nova, a driver placed a cone to signal the vehicle, as if the situation were not prohibited. The man even went after a 26-year-old resident, who was making a video to denounce the situation.

According to the reader, who asked not to have her identity disclosed, this is not the first time that the driver has parked “on top” of the intersection, making it difficult for other drivers to pass by the place. He owns a junkyard at the intersection where he often leaves vehicles with trailers full of rubble, blocking traffic.

The situation is critical, as the street is narrow and at the intersection, there is still a bar where several drivers also park irregularly. In the video sent by the resident it is possible to see the vehicles parked on the wrong side and in the yellow lane.

Seeing that his truck was being filmed, the neighbor ran after the resident, who was barely caught. Scared, she forwarded the video to the newsroom, via straight from the streets.

The report forwarded the case to the Metropolitan Civil Guard, which was at the scene. However, the vehicles had already been removed when the guards arrived at the address. The complaint was also sent to the BPTran (Military Police Traffic Battalion).

It cannot – It is worth remembering that parking less than five meters from a corner is prohibited, according to the CTB (Brazilian Traffic Code). The code establishes a fine of R$ 85.13 and loss of four points on the driver’s CNH (National Driver’s License). Parking the vehicle on the wrong side of the road is also an average infraction, which also generates a loss of 4 points from the driver’s license and a fine.

straight from the streets – The situation reached Campo Grande News through the channel Direto das Ruas, a means of interaction between the reader and the newsroom. Anyone who has flagrant, suggestions, news, audio, photos and videos can collaborate on WhatsApp by number (67) 99669-9563.

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