More than 600 health workers work for free and without ART reported from the organization Foto Maximiliano Luna
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More than 600 health workers “work for free and without ART,” the organization reported. Photo: Maximiliano Luna.

The workers gathered in the Health Assembly, Residents and Attendees of the Hospitals of the city of Buenos Aires They will carry out this Tuesday a second day of the “night of lights” in demand for a salary and ART for professionals who work for free and who were not taken into account in the last agreement reached with the Buenos Aires Government.

Health workers called for this Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. to gather on Callao and Corrientes avenues under the slogan “Don’t turn off health.”

In the announcement of the call it is requested to attend “dressed in black” and bring a “candle or lantern” to accompany the claim.

“We have achieved a huge victory by getting an income of $200,000 in hand for an incoming resident with the CABA Assembly organization. However, what we achieved is only the floor of our salary claim. Fighting until we win includes our fellow contestants”, reported from the organization in a press release.

“The score we obtain when applying for a position is lower than that of residences after having one more year of training”

In this sense, they criticized that, despite the fact that the concurrent are health professionals who have worked in the hospital for 5 years together with residents and staff professionals “carrying out the same assistance and care tasks”, they do it for free and without having a “municipal file, nor ART”.

“The score that we obtain when applying for a position is lower than that of residences after having one more year of training,” they added.

Currently, there are more than 600 health workers “who work for free and without ARTbetween 20 and 40 hours a week, with guards on weekends,” they reported.

On Monday of last week, health workers held the first “night of lights” that achieved massive support at the corner of Santa Fe and Juan B. Justo avenues, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo.

“What we achieved is just the floor of our salary claim. Fighting to win includes our fellow contestants.”

After 21 days, the workers lifted the strike last Tuesday after learning of the salary increase proposal made by the Buenos Aires Government to the Executive Committee of the Association of Municipal Doctors (AMM) that consolidates a salary increase of 99% for 2022 remunerative but that does not contemplate any improvement for the competitors.

While, The Association of Graduates in Nursing (ALE) will mobilize this Tuesday to Congress starting at 12 in demand of “a pocket salary of 200 thousand pesos and the definitive recognition” for the sector by the Government of Buenos Aires, union sources reported

In addition, ALE reported that next Wednesday at 6:00 p.m., the members of this union entity will be holding a general assembly of the sector with the purpose of “preparing a blunt force measure” in all hospitals and health care centers in the City of Buenos Aires.

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