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Residents in Invivienda and Alma Rosa demand paving


dwellers of Housing and Alma Rosa II They demanded the speeding up of the asphalted of its streets intervened by the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (CAASD), because the roads have been broken for more than a year and although some have been potholed, the work is very slow.

Dwellers of the street José Francisco Peña Gómez explained that this was the first road to be intervened more than a year ago and although they installed the pipeline of the sanitary system, the authorities have not asphalted.

Juana Eligia García, a resident of the area, explained that the vehicles cannot travel easily, because a ditch has been opened in the center of the road and no asphalted. The Ministry of Public Works is in charge of asphalted of the roads in coordination with the CAASD.

“We have been waiting for them to come and repair the street as it was, it was last season that they paved it and the CAASD broke it, to install a pipe from the toilets that was exploited, but they have not paved and we need to have the streets as before Held.

Emilio Fernández, resident in the street Pedro Mira, of Housing, said that the works are really very slow because they asphalt by piece and when it rains they do nothing. Their street it is the only one that has received a new layer of asphalt, the rest are potholes.

“The truth is that they are very slow, they are working, but very fast,” he said, but he trusted that the work will be speeded up.

Other roads in the aforementioned sector that have been potholed are Avenida President Antonio Guzmán Fernández, partially, Engineer Pedro Bonilla, Social Club and missing, among others, Francisco Alberto Caamaño, Concepción Bona, among other.

In the case of Pink Soul IIthe CAASD intervened 23rd and Jardines del Este streets, as well as Octavio Mejía Ricart and 27th. Trenches were dug on these roads months ago, but they have not been paved.

On April 10 of this year, President Louis Abinader visited the sector housing to start the asphalted of the streets, but so far only one road has been paved with a new layer, the others only potholes.

Degree in Social Communication from the O&M University. He has practiced journalism since 1988 in radio, television and newspapers.

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