Resignation of the Prime Minister: Peru de Castillo ungovernable
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Peruvian Prime Minister Aníbal Torres preferred to resign on Thursday 24 November. He had announced the previous week that he wanted to submit to a vote of confidence in the Congress of Deputies to try to stabilize his power in the face of a very offensive – but also very divided – opposition.

The unicameral Congress did not give him time. There will be no voting. The Bureau of the Congress issued an opinion “categorical” against the project of the Prime Minister considering, in the words of the President of Parliament, José Williams, of right-wing opposition, taken up in particular by the opposition daily Peru 21, that he “exceeded the constitutional framework”.

The vote of confidence concerned a text providing for the relaxation of the rules allowing the organization of a referendum on a constitutional change – without the opinion of the deputies, hence the preliminary rejection.

Aníbal Torres has submitted his resignation, accepted by the left-wing president, Pedro Castillo, who will now have to appoint a new government, the fifth since his inauguration sixteen months ago, a figure that illustrates

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