Results of the Protected Areas System stand out in Guantánamo

There are 26 local areas integrated into the system of protected areas in Guantánamo. Photo: ACN.

The provincial system of Protected Areas (SPAP) in Guantánamo relevant samples results in the conservation of soils, forests and water resources, close to the celebration of World Environment Day, on June 5, at the initiative of the United Nations (UN).

The newspaper Venceremos publishes this Friday that the Master in Sciences Blanca Judith Matos Pons, deputy director of the Environment Unit of the provincial delegation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (citma), highlighted that there are 26 local areas integrated into the systemin charge of guaranteeing in perpetuity the protection and conservation of the natural resources of the local heritage, for the use of current and future generations.

He stressed that during the year 2021 the SPAP achieved that the Outstanding Natural Elements Maisí-Caleta and Paso de los Alemanes (Baracoa), as well as the Maisí-Yumurí Natural Landscape and the Managed Floristic Reserve Pico Galán (Yateras), were declared as new protected areas, according to the resolutions approved by the Council of Ministers.

Matos Pons also specified that researchers and system specialists updated the management strategies for the 2021-2025 period, which are linked to the Economy and Development plans until 2030to the Life Task, a comprehensive proposal of the Cuban State to confront climate change and studies of danger, vulnerability and risks.

Similarly, he stressed research-development-innovation projects were implemented, with international financingand government measures were adopted to deal with crimes against natural resources, flora and fauna.

The program of activities for the event foresees that lots one and three of the Hatibonico Ecological Reserve (a protected area located to the west of Guantánamo Bay), be declared with the condition of Areas Initiated in Sustainable Land Management (MST)distinction conferred by the Environment Agency, attached to Citma, and the Fund for the Global Environment of the UN, he pointed out.

The delivery of the award is the result of the application of Project 1 of Operational Program 15 in the easternmost province of the country, aimed at mitigating the effects of drought, desertification and soil salinity in agricultural areas of the Guantánamo Valley and the southern coastal strip of the territory.

(With information from ACN and Venceremos)

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