Results of the Quiniela of the First City of today, July 23

The Quiniela of the province of Córdoba held this Friday, August 5, the draw for the Morning edition, which delivered the winning number: 0854.

From this first result it follows that the head was for the number 54, which in the dictionary of dreams means: the Cow.

Second place went to 5312, while third place went to 2336.

The draw for the Córdoba pool, in its morning edition, is completed with the following numbers:
















When is the Córdoba pool drawn?

The lottery of the province of Córdoba carries out five pool contests from Monday to Friday (La Primera de la Mañana, Matutina, Vespertina, Nocturna and La Turista). On Saturdays, four of the draws are held (La Turista is left out).

La Turista is the fifth contest in the pool that is drawn from Monday to Friday at 10:15 p.m. The extract is resolved by three codes: Lottery of Santiago, Quiniela de Misiones and Quiniela de Córdoba.

How to play the Cordoba pool

It is a game contest, understood as the association of a risk with an amount of money, subject to prizes, determined by one or more draws.

The bets are made in the official agencies, which when they have betting machines, allow betting until minutes before the draw.

There are three types of bets:

* First: means that you only bet that the number will come first. You can bet one figure, two figures, three figures or four figures.

* To the prizes: means that you bet that the chosen number will come out in second, third, fourth, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, or twentieth place. It can be one figure (only up to fifth place), two figures, three figures or four figures. It should be clarified that you bet not on the position, but on the chosen range. For example, in the case of the tenth, you are betting that the number comes out in the first ten positions.

* Redoblona: it means that you bet that two numbers (only two digits) will come out in certain places.

After starting your bet, the client will receive a ticket that will be the only valid receipt to collect prizes, if applicable, being paid in the same place where the bet was made.

How to see the result of the Cordoba pool?

The winning numbers in the draws of the Córdoba pool can be seen in the lotteries and pools monitor of THE NATION

Where are the prizes paid?

The prizes of the Córdoba pool are paid at the agency where the winner bought the ticket.

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