Retail: how to prepare for Black Friday
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These days more than ever, customers want to browse, search and buy quickly and easily, regardless of the traffic the site receives.. Therefore, the purchasing process should be smooth and easy. Here, optimizing the user experience (UX) is essential to increase the conversion rate.

The browsing speed of the online store (both in web and mobile environments) is a very important factor– Affects not only the UX, but also the search engine optimization (SEO) and the order in which it will appear on the results page.

Without a doubt, The biggest challenge for retailers this Black Friday is to operate with excellence, with minimum costs and offering an optimal and differentiated experience to their end customers.. For this reason, it is certain that this year we will see a lot of automation, more effective and attractive cross-selling and upselling strategies, as well as hyper-personalization, considering that retailers have made their user experience, first and foremost, as end customers, and for this reason they can now be more and more assertive in their recommendations and personalized offers that they present to customers based on their preferences.

How to prevent shopping cart abandonment?

Considering that a customer’s purchase decision is directly related to the experience they have in the digital channel, we can take into account certain recommendations:

  • Our website must perform adequately: a slow site distances the customer from the purchase decision. Therefore, the loading time of each page and the response time of each interaction should be optimal and in line with industry indicators.
  • The website must be intuitive: a complex purchase process is a direct cause of a shopping cart abandonment. Let’s appeal to practicality and the use of the benefits of technology to make the checkout process an experience that takes seconds.
  • Product information is another key point: all the attributes of a product must be detailed so that the customer does not have doubts before clicking to buy.
  • Offer as many forms of payment as possible: many times customers abandon the purchase because they do not have the means of payment of their choice or they present faults. We must take great care of the security in the payment processes and their correct functioning.
  • Inform the client of all the costs and times associated with their purchase, from the beginning: misinformation or inappropriate information is a key cause for the customer to decide not to buy on our site. Delivery times and packaging costs will be valuable and welcome information.

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How can we improve the user experience?

First of all, it is convenient to map the customer journey in its different stages and contact points. But in addition, a series of actions will help improve the website, such as optimizing images and updating products with clear title tags and descriptions. Making sure there are no broken pages or expired links is also key. You can also include pages with specific elements that communicate Black Friday. For example, it can be useful to incorporate a very attractive call-to-action button that encourages the user to take specific actions on this date.

Nowadays, it is possible to evaluate the customer journey from when they arrive at the website until they buy, based on the data provided by web analysis tools. We can thus detect if there is a specific bottleneck that leads to abandonment, and how customers respond to promotional banners, among other points.

Consumers must find what they want quicklyand for that the filtering and search function are useful tools. In addition, the payment process is a key instance– It should be fast and simple, optimized for mobile devices, and include several popular payment gateways.

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Finally, we must not stop paying attention to the issue of cybersecurity: For commercial dates like Black Friday, the activity of cybercriminals who try to take advantage of the enthusiasm for shopping tends to accelerate. What modalities should we be aware of? They can send phishing emails posing as delivery services or prominent online retailers. Also create internet domains that seek to impersonate major retail brands.

To prevent cybercrime, it will be important to alert consumers to these actions and encourage them to take recommended steps to keep their data safe when shopping online. But also, as business ecosystems are increasingly digital and interconnected, the entire chain can quickly be affected by a single cyber attack on a company. Against this, the trend is to adopt proactive security approaches that ensure that the organization can quickly recover from a cybersecurity event and return to normal without data loss, implementing tools that provide disaster recovery and continuous protection.

Efficient order management processes, or relying on schemes of dark stores and distribution centers that allow offering shorter delivery times, will also help to improve the purchasing experience and final delivery to the customer. In addition, having detailed logistics tracking will help inform the client about each step of the operation, minimizing uncertainty and maximizing the level of service.

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