Retirees and pensioners of ANSES: step by step to change the mouth of payment

The retirees Y pensioners from ANSES who want to change the bank in which they receive the assets they can do the process in a couple of steps, but they must remember that before being able to implement it they must make a first payment. After that period, they will be able to carry out the change of payment mouth.

Once you charged for the first time, you can request to change the place of payment”says the National Social Security Administration from its official site and recalls that the procedure has no cost some.

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Next, we show you in a complete tutorial the steps to make the change.

What are the requirements to change the place of payment of retirement and pensions

Among the requirements are:

  • To have charged for the first time.

If the process is online:

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If the procedure is done in person:

How to carry out the procedure for the change of payment mouth

  1. Login to my ANSES and verify that the personal data is correct.
  2. Get in Collections/Change place of collection and inform the data of the new collection account. If the system does not allow you to continue, you must do so at an office or by calling the toll-free number 130from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m..


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