Reviewer "WG" Maria Agranovich became the winner of the contest "PRO Education - 2022"
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Maria Agranovich, columnist for the department of science and education at Rossiyskaya Gazeta, became the winner in the nomination “The Best Material on the Modernization of General Education.”

The awards were presented in twelve main and four special nominations. In total, about a thousand entries from journalists and bloggers from 77 regions of the country came to the 2022 contest. The most popular nominations were “The best material on the work of teachers”, “The best material on the education of students and the best material on the modernization of general education”.

– You cover the key areas of educational policy, make it available to a wide audience. This work is highly responsible. After all, by raising topical issues in the field of education and upbringing of young people, you contribute to constructive discussions, contribute to strengthening the prestige of the teaching profession, show where special attention of state authorities and parents is required, Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov noted, addressing the laureates and winners via video link .

Maria Agranovich was also presented with a letter of thanks from the Minister of Education.

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The “PRO Education” contest is being held for the 20th time. Several hundred authors participate in the project every year. The total number of competitive bids collected over the years is more than 9,000.

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