Ricardo Lorenzetti: “The Supreme Court is not going to give in to any pressure”

in full official offensive against the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, the Judge Ricardo Lorenzetti said this Thursday in TN: “We are not going to give in to any pressure.” “If when we don’t like an institution we change it, we are collaborating little with governance. If we tamper with the institutions, citizens are left unprotected”, he added in the program just one more lap.

The tension between the government and the Supreme Court on the rise. After the fight for the Judicial Council, Kirchnerism advances in the Senate with the project to reform the Supreme Court and modify the number of its members.

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“It can be discussed because Congress has the right to do so, it is its function and no one can deny it. But the question is what do we do with the institutions. Do we change them when we don’t like them? That’s bad. If, when we don’t like an institution, we change it, we are collaborating little with governance,” Lorenzetti said about the official initiative.

“We resolve based on the same principles of the Constitution, whatever the Government is,” he affirmed and also warned: “The Supreme Court does not change with pressure. We have to be very clear.”

The member of the highest court also spoke out against the K idea of ​​the “democratization” of justice. “We have to learn to respect the separation of powers”, he recommended.

“The President, the deputies and senators are chosen in elections. Majorities can be wrong and minorities must be protected. We live in a country with cultural diversity, if we were to go by elections, there would be a lot of people who would suffer, because they are minorities: minority opinions, sexual conduct, discrimination against women, racial discrimination. For that, there is a system that is not ruled by majorities: the Judicial Power”, he explained.

This Thursday, in Rosario, an unprecedented event was experienced. The four members of the highest court launched a strong claim to the political leadership in the face of the problem of drug traffickingamid the escalation of violence and deaths in Santa Fe.

In this context, Lorenzetti said in TN: “The focus is on electoral interests. There is no clear decision to fight drug trafficking because there are no State policies”.

“Drug trafficking is a human tragedy that could have been avoided if there had been a State policy. It is a scenario of widespread inefficiency. The judge, the police, the mayor, the governor, the government, they all say they can’t. It is a shameful inefficiency,” he maintained.

He also asked to end the party crossings: “The shouts and the fights do not solve the problems of the people,” he concluded.

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