The tweet shared by Stefi Roitman.  (Photo: Capture)

since he married Ricky Montaner, Stefi Roitmann faces pregnancy rumors. Days ago, Ricardo Montaner was consulted by the versions and said: “Yes, it’s going to be a mom.” Far from being bothered, her daughter-in-law redoubled the bet and stated: “Can be”.

In dialogue with THE M (America) the actress broke the silence about the pregnancy that Montaner attributed to her. “As you know? She looks, and I didn’t tell her.” When the mobilero said that Ricky could have told her, she limited: “Awesome, it’s awesome.”

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The influencer he said goodbye to the journalist without closing the door of the version. “Maybe maybe…”he concluded.

After the rumors of crisis, Stefi Roitman spoke of the challenge of living outside: “I don’t get used to it”

Stefi Roitman left everything in 2020: as soon as the pandemic began, she settled in the United States and bet on her romance with Ricky Montaner, whom he had met months ago. From that moment, lives between Buenos Aires and Miami. in a tweet described how difficult it is for him to say goodbye to his loved onesnow that they are more frequent.

Every goodbye hurts the same and I can’t get used to it. The last equal to the first. Today’s is the same as last month’s,” she wrote on Twitter after her parents returned to Argentina, who visited her this last week. “I am too much of my house, my family, my friends, my people. It’s hard for me. Today one more time. See you soon, ma and pa”, added the influencer, who spent a few days filled with emotion together with the Montaner Clan.

The tweet shared by Stefi Roitman. (Photo: Capture)

This message came after several weeks of rumors of crisis with Ricky Montaneras They hardly lived together after their honeymoon. It was also said that the relationship with his mother-in-law, Marlene Rodríguez, was not one of the best.

The actress, who is about to launch her musical debut, deny these versions whenever you can. and ensure that the distance between her and her new husband is only due to work issues and agenda items.

The Montaners, the docu-reality of the Latino clan

Disney+ released the first trailers for The Montanersa docu-reality that will follow the popular Latin American family.

The series delves into the intimacy of the Montaners to reveal their daily lives, reveal their challenges and conflicts, and show how their members balance their careers with their personal and family lives.

First images of Los Montaner, the Dinsey+ reality docu.  (Photo: Disney+)
First images of Los Montaner, the Dinsey+ reality docu. (Photo: Disney+)

They will have exclusive access to the daily life of its different members, giving testimony of their most intimate and special moments such as weddings, births, celebrations and behind the scenes of their artistic careers. The new production has the participation of Ricardo, Marlene, Mau, Ricky, Evaluna, Stefi, Sara and Camilo.

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