A young man from the US who met a woman through a dating app is found dead in Medellín
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Montaner married Ana Vaz for the first time, with whom he had his first two children: Héctor and Alejandro. After eleven years together, they parted ways on good terms.

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To Marlene Rodríguez —her current partner (mother of Evaluna, Mau and Ricky) and who created a brand inspired by her granddaughter Índigo— He met her three years after ending their marriage in a curious situation: her wedding.

The little-known story was told by Montaner himself in an interview with Yordi Rosadowhere he said that already separated, he had settled in Caracas, Venezuela.

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One day he received an invitation from the president of the record company he was with, to a wedding.. It was about the marriage of Marlene Rodríguez, who was the sister of the director.

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The interpreter of ‘Tan enamored’ did not hesitate to attend the celebration, although he did not go to the religious ceremony; When he arrived at the party hall, Rodríguez was the one who received him.

“She was a girl from television people, she worked for many years on television, and the entire society of Caracas was there… and I was wearing a jacket that a singer friend named Jorge Aguilar had lent me,” recalled the artist, who did of cupid in the relationship between Evaluna and Camilo.

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After the party, he pointed out, he did not see Rodríguez again, but until after 6 months, when she directed his first video clip.

Her marriage “did not last long”, and while they worked together they fell in lovesaid Montaner in the following video.

After 30 years together, Montaner and Rodríguez continue to keep the spark of love burning. He assured that if he were not in love like when the relationship began, they would not be together.

This is a photo of Ricardo Montaner and his wife:

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