Ricky Martin surprises by revealing these images of his youngest son Baby Renn

USA.- Ricky Martin He stirred up all his fans after sharing some very special photos of his youngest son on his official Instagram account Rennalthough the singer is not very common to hang photos of his family on his wall and less if it is his children.

“Baby Renn”, as they call him in the family circle, was born in October 2019 and is the youngest son of the family made up of Ricky Martin and Jwan Josef.

Recently, the two-and-a-half-year-old appeared on the social networks of the interpreter of “Living la vida loca” with some somewhat artistic photographs, since it seems that they are joining the cause of LGBTIQ+ Pride Month.

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And along with the snapshots, in which the Puerto Rican singer does not show the face of “Baby Renn”left the following comment: “My son found a natural rainbow in the closet”, so you can see in the photos a light that refracts a rainbow at the little one’s feet,

The little boy appears with a rainbow at his feet and a Cars toy. Photo: Instagram.

And as a way of endorsing his self-acceptance, Ricky confesses: “Yes, now there are lights and rainbows in our closets. No more darkness, only pride”, so with this phrase that he added, it can be understood that he refers to this period in which he remained hiding his orientation, but later decided to confess his sexuality to the world, with which he freed himself and can live. Calmer.

As for the snapshots, they could allude to the interesting discovery of his son, who in the photos also plays with a figure of the Lightning MCQUEENcartoon character cars.

Ricky Martin is the father of the twins Matteo Y valentinewho came into the world in August 2008. The already pre-adolescents appear more frequently in the singer’s social networks, something that does not happen so much with the smallest of the family.

But it is understandable, since the largest already have their own social networks in which they are constantly sharing content.

Ricky has shown his younger children on a few occasions. Photo: Special.

In addition to the twins, the interpreter of “Fire at night, snow by day”, after marrying Jwan Yosef, decided to have Lucywho was born in December 2018, and Rennarrived on October 29, 2019.

Although it is true that there are not so many photographs that the famous person has shared of Renn, the reality is that his fans know some of his snapshots, all full of creativity, and of course very tender and moving.

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