Rides to enjoy the City: these are the best bike tours

Manuel Belgrano Park (former KDT)

It is a beautiful setting to train with the bike. This public park has a closed circuit with ascents and descents of 1200 meters in which most cyclists usually exercise. It is located in Salguero 3450, very close to the Metropolitan Airport.


Reserve-Costanera Sur

The view of Puerto Madero is the best, and the safest thing is to pedal along the embankments. The circuit – which is entered through the Costanera breakwater – has an information center, bathrooms and police control cameras. You can start on Av. Tristán Achával Rodríguez at 1500. And, from there, you will see the Monument to the Nereids, the Amphitheater and, of course, the Ecological Reserve with its various routes.

North Zone

In this case we can get our bike on the Miter railway and get off at any station from Vicente López to Tigre. Since it is about getting to know the beautiful and wealthy northern fringe of the suburbs, in many cases (as in Olivos or La Lucila) connected to the river. In addition, you can try the Tren de la Costa, which connects with the ground floor and ends in front of the Tigre casino.

SUNSET. A classic postcard from Mar del Plata. Tourists come to the waterfront to be photographed with the sea and the city in the background.

Sarmiento Park

It turns out to be one of the largest parks in the City, located in the Saavedra neighborhood, which is already very beautiful to cycle through. There is a path of more than 1000 meters that surrounds the entire park. The entrance is by Ricardo Balbín 4750.

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