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Bárbara García, witness and plaintiff in the trial against humanity Infantry Regiment 6 of Mercedes (RIM), described as a “whim” the rejection of the Federal Oral Court No. 2 of Commodore Py to the request of the Public Defender’s Office to transmit the testimonies of the lawsuit through the alternative communication medium La Retaguardia and stressed that it is “the only trial against humanity” that does not have permission to be broadcast.

“It is the only trial of Commodore Py against humanity that is not being televised today. It is already somewhat capricious, the answers (of the Court) are less than a line,” Bárbara García, witness and plaintiff in the case, explained in statements to Télam. in which the repressors who kidnapped and disappeared his mother, Rocío Martínez Borbolla, and 36 other victims in 1976 are judged.

In the last petition, sent to the court last Thursday the 28th, the Public Defender’s Office intervened directly of its own volition to present the arguments in favor of the media outlet La Retaguardia, which requested on two previous occasions to pass the trial on its channel.

In the lengthy document prepared by the agency, it alluded to the need to “reverse the illegitimate restriction,” alluding to the fact that it was contrary to compliance with “access to public information” and “freedom of expression.”

“The answer is always the same: they do not want to contaminate the witnesses,” García explained about the response of the court made up of judges Javier Feliciano Ríos (president), Jorge Luciano Gorini and Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu, who do allow the transmission of the statements of the accused.

In addition to the rejections to the Rearguard, and now to the Ombudsman, the same court responded in the same way to all the previous requests made by the complaint, the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS) and the Human Rights Secretariat, denied in two chances.

“It contradicts everything that happens in all the other trials. If they are based on contaminating the witnesses, the witnesses of all the causes of crimes against humanity would be contaminated,” Garcia replied.

In addition, he explained that he learned of the refusal through the plaintiff attorney Pablo Llonto, who was notified yesterday, and pointed out that, until today afternoon, the Public Defender, Miriam Lewin, “had not been notified.”

“With this panorama with so many obstacles and stones in the way, everything is very painful. I feel very helpless. What is it that they are covering? Why are they validating the power of those who committed the worst violations of Human Rights?” questioned García, who witnessed the kidnapping of his mother, PRT-ERP militant Rocío Ángela Martínez Borbolla, when he was nine years old.

He also assured that “there are many irregularities” in the case and recalled that two weeks ago the ex-carapintida Aldo Rico and Heriberto Auel were called to testify as witnesses in favor of the defense: “Allowing an Aldo Rico to testify speaks of the fact that they are not things very well,” he said.

García also explained that the judges’ refusal “benefits” the genocidaires because “whoever saw them kept what they said,” while the lawsuit and their testimonies were “prohibited from having the right to hear what they said.” what we said.”

Martinez Borbolla and Garca
Martinez Borbolla and Garcia.

On the other hand, he said that during the trial “it was very difficult” for the prosecution “to be able to carry out the round of questions” to the witnesses presented by the defense “because they opposed each time.”

And he recalled that the former second lieutenant in charge of the Shooting Section of Company C of RIM 6, Martín Eduardo Sánchez Zinny, accused in the case, denounced her two and a half years ago for “false testimony” and that, while waiting for the response from the Supreme Court of Justice, is in the National Witness Protection Program.

“There is no precedent in trials against humanity in which a genocide accused a victim,” Garcia warned.

He added that “this surpasses any fiction” and expressed that “until the last minute” they will ask that “the whole truth be known” and “not just their part”, alluding to the repressors.

“All my life I waited for this moment and I did not imagine it to be like this. I need justice to be done,” he concluded.

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