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The Buenos Aires legislature approved this Thursday, November 24 in first reading the name change of the subway stations Echeverría, Independence and Hospitals to pay homage to personalities and historical events that marked a before and after in the City of Buenos Aires.

The Echeverría station would add the denomination Pallottine martyrsto commemorate the religious of the Parish of San Patricio, assassinated on July 4, 1976 in the Belgrano neighborhood, by a task force dependent on the last dictatorship.

Independence would incorporate the name of Blessed Mama Antula to commemorate the nun who spread spiritual exercises with the method taught by San Ignacio de Loyola in Santiago del Estero, Tucumán, Salta, Jujuy, Catamarca, La Rioja, Córdoba, Buenos Aires and Paraguay.

In the case of the Hospitales station, it was proposed that it also bear the name of Oscar “Ringo” Bonavenathe charismatic heavyweight from Parque Patricios, where that stop is located.

Who was Ringo Bonavena?

Oscar Natalio “Ringo” Bonavena.

Ringo was born on September 25, 1942 and his full name is Oscar Natalio Bonavena.

His childhood was spent in the Boedo neighborhood. The young son of a laundress and a tram driver stopped studying prematurely and began to work from childhood.

In 1958 he began his career as a boxer in the hurricane cluban institution that considers him one of its greatest idols.

‘Ringo’ won his first amateur tournament in 1959 and was also victorious in South American competitions in the two years that followed.

One of the most remembered episodes of his outstanding career was his disqualification in 1963within the framework of Pan American Games in Sao Paulowhen the boxer from Parque Patricios bit Lee Carr’s chest.

In addition, he received a suspension by the Argentine Boxing Federation that was extended for one year.

The professional trajectory of ‘Ringo’

Therefore, your professional debut it was delayed until January 3, 1964 at Madison Square Garden, in New York, in front of Lou Hicks. Since then he has had a streak of nine victories in the United States and progressively his name began to be respected in the ring.

In 1965, won the Argentine heavyweight title against Gregorio Peralta. Five years later, on December 7, 1970, he would face the formidable mohammad aliin a worthy performance in which the Argentine was defeated.

Although he fought twice for the world title and lost, everyone remembers the fight with Ali, who had no crown at stake but lasted 15 rounds.

That day, the television broadcast had the record of more than 73 audience pointsa mark not even matched two years later by the return to the country of Juan Domingo Perón, after 17 years of exile.

Oscar Natalio “Ringo” Bonavena 20221124
Oscar Natalio “Ringo” Bonavena against Mohammad Ali.

Oscar Natalio “Ringo” Bonavena 20221124

Ringo’s audacity was admirable when he faced a genius like Ali, who was returning after three years of forced retirement. Everyone remembers that in the ninth round, after a violent right cross from the Argentine, Ali was about to fall and ended the round “groggy”.

The Ringo’s last pro fight It was February 26, 1976 in the United States, specifically in the State of Nevada. On that occasion he won the duel on points against the American Billy Joiner and a few months later came its fatal outcome.

On May 22 of the same year he was murdered by Williard Ross Brymerbodyguard of mobster Joe Conforte, who had been a representative of Bonavena.

On May 26 he received a mass farewell at Luna Parkwith the presence of 150,000 gathered to say “goodbye” to the legendary boxer.

Drugs, prostitution, mafia and a tragic end

Ringo’s fame took him down a dark path of drugs and prostitution, which would end up marking his abrupt denouement.

Death found the boxer wanting enter the cabaret where he was thrown out by its owner, Joe Confortewho had bought his contract and was his protector.

The mobster fulfilled the “vendetta” of having him killed, under any pretext, a cowardly task for which a certain William Ross Brymer lent himself.

The bullet hit the side of Bonavena’s heart, who was trying to enter the place to claim some authority after having a romance with the mature woman from Comfort.

Oscar Natalio “Ringo” Bonavena

In those gray times, Bonavena lived in a mobile home in Nevada, and the last time he was in Buenos Aires, he promised his friends that he would would own an “awesome” placea wish that ultimately killed him.

Six months before, without knowing it, he said goodbye to the Argentine public with a “street” fight at Luna Park with the then Argentine heavyweight champion, Raul Gorositowhom he beat on points and verbose ability.

In the dark days of the dictatorship, the people took to the streets to accompany the funeral procession that took him to La Chacarita in a sad and painful procession. The boxer’s mother, Doña Dominga, was crying while hugging her grandchildren and her farewell was attended by the unexpected presence of sally comfortthe woman of contention.

In addition to showing off in the ring, Ringo had the pleasure of starring in different television programs, three movies and a season of magazine theater in El Nacional, along with Zulma Faiad and Adolfo Stray.

Extroverted, provocative and joking, Bonavena is remembered as the archetype of the brave porteño and “canchero”. His name is immediately associated with Parque Patricios and the Huracán club.


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