Riots erupt at world's largest iPhone factory over covid measures
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Cities across China, including the capital Beijing and financial center Shanghai, have closed shopping malls and parks. It also imposed restrictions on the movement of people arriving from elsewhere as infections approached the record levels last seen in April.

In the country where more than 1.4 billion people live, 28,883 new cases of coronavirus infection, mostly asymptomatic, have been added over the past day.

The anti-covid measures are worsening the outlook for the world’s second-largest economy and dampening hopes that China will significantly ease its policy on the covid-19 disease anytime soon.

“While there is little chance that the authorities will decide to back away from the zero-covid policy during the winter, there is a significant risk that containment efforts will fail,” wrote analysts at Capital Economics. That could lead to more shutdowns that would cause unprecedented damage to the economy, analysts added.

People were tearing down barriers

China’s anti-covid measures, currently the strictest in the world, have fueled discontent across the country and affected production at several manufacturers, including Taiwan’s Foxconn, Apple’s biggest supplier of iPhones.

According to Reuters, a live broadcast on social media on Wednesday showed people posing as factory workers in the city of Zhengzhou pulling down barriers and fighting with officials wearing protective suits. “Give us our salaries,” they also chanted during the riots.

The incident came after a number of workers from the sprawling industrial complex, which normally employs hundreds of thousands of people, walked out when authorities in the area declared strict pandemic measures in early November. They were worried that they would have to spend a long quarantine in the industrial area.

In China, Disneyland and visitors were closed due to covid. They can only go out with a negative test


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