River accumulates three consecutive games without being able to convert a goal.

River lost with Colón by 1 to 0 as a visitor for the third date of the Professional League Tournament. Third consecutive game that fails to convert and the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores is approaching

The poor aim that the Millionaire team is having in this championship is striking. With today’s match, he has already reached three games without scoring. On the first date they tied goalless against Defense and Justice in Varella. Same result in the Monumental against Atletico Tucuman. Tonight, in Santa Fe he lost by the minimum against Sabalero. He had many clear chances to score, but the inefficiency caused him to be left empty-handed again.

River accumulates three consecutive games without being able to convert a goal. (@LAN/)

The last goal of the Núñez team was on May 25 against Alianza Lima for the Copa Libertadores in the 8-1 win. Since then, he has not scored again. It’s already 288 minutes without being able to score a goal. Generates situations but fails to score. The inefficiency and scoring drought that their forwards have, including Julian Alvarez, are combined for this situation. It is something that will have to change in the short term because the round of 16 of the cup against Vélez is approaching.

Marcelo Gallardoat a press conference, spoke about this: “We can’t translate the good passages with a goal, it’s more difficult that way, the game is given in another way, another form, we couldn’t do it at this start of the semester”. In addition, he added calm in the face of this situation, “We are in an adverse streak, not to be alarmedyou have to know how to go through these moments, without frustrations, it’s just a negative streak “.

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