Road Cause: with Lázaro Báez, the last words before the verdict begin
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The trial for the Cause Road in the framework of the alleged irregularities in the granting of the Public Work is about to end. Within this framework, the defendants began this Friday, November 25, to pronounce their last words, among them the businessman Lázaro Báez, who was brief and thanked his defense, and the former Minister of Planning Julio De Vido, who assured that “there was no direction of works”.

The first to speak was Báez, who used less than a minute to speak. At that time, he thanked his defense attorney Juan Villanueva “who has expressed himself clearly throughout all of this time in which we were deprived of liberty.”

In addition, he appreciated that his lawyer “has been very clear throughout the entire process” and that thanks to this “the truth and reality were exposed.” He extended his assessment to the rest of the defenses.

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