Roads: Justice prepares the verdict for Cristina Kirchner and doubts about the sentence grow
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In a few weeks, Cristina Kirchner will face the verdict of Federal Oral Court (TOF) 2 by Cause Road. And while there’s still a lot uncertainty around the sentence and the possible scope of a sentence, it could be known before the end of the year.

As can be seen from the schedule of the final hearings announced by the court, this Friday the 25th the defendants will present Lazaro BaezMauricio Collareda, Raúl Daruich, Julio De Vido and Abel Fatala, if they wish to make use of their right to speak for the last time before the Court, before the verdict.

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The Vice President, for her part, will give her “last words” on Tuesday, November 29. That day Héctor Garro, Carlos Santiago Kirchner and Jose Lopez. Then the way will be paved for the Tribunal to set a date to hear the remainder and issue its verdict.

For the Prosecutor’s Office there is no doubt that all the requirements are met for Cristina Kirchner to be sentenced to 12 years in prison for being head of an “illicit association” and by fraudulent administration by irregularities in national public works in Santa Cruz between 2003 and 2015. It is a complex crime, so it is not yet known if they will be convicted or dismissed.

There is also doubts regarding the scope of a possible conviction. as far as he could tell TNthere is the possibility that the Court will not sentence Cristina for illicit association, but for fraudulent administration, in what would be considered as an eventual “middle point”.

The defenses of all the defendants They demanded that they be acquitted for the non-existence of a crime. In her speech, on September 23, Vice President denounced “a clear case of malfeasance” and accused prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola from “lying”.

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The trial for the alleged addressing of 51 national public works in favor of Báez between 2003 and 2015 in Santa Cruz began in May 2019 in the federal courts of Retiro, was interrupted for six months by the Covid-19 pandemic and resumed virtually in August 2020, without ever recovering face-to-face full.

In connection with the verdict, it is expected that it will also be announced in a virtual audienceunless one of the parties requests to be present at the Retirement courts for that moment.

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