Robbery to a store ended with an individual arrested.

Yesterday, members of the Investigations Division of the Regional Unit II, arrested a 42-year-old man Y recovered several tools such as screwdrivers, set of keys, knives and work gloves, among other elements, stolen from a store in OberĂ¡.

The entire operation was mounted due to a complaint of a 26-year-old man, who stated that in the morning hours found that, after breaking the front glass of his premises located on Wilde Street, they entered and stole several tools Y hardware items.

He further argued that after checking the recordings of the security cameras, he observed a man in the morning hours at the time of the event. Using the data provided, the researchers began with the tasks tending to find the author of the act.

In that context, They observed a man with similar characteristics to the one described on Paraguay street. by the complainant, who carried a cardboard box. Upon identification, they found that inside it were the tools mentioned.

Robbery to a store ended with an individual arrested. (Misiones Police/)

For this reason, He was arrested in investigation of the fact and remained at the disposal of the Justice. Investigations continue in order to recover the remaining elements.

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