Roberta Miranda finds her guitar a month after her disappearance
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“I’ve cried more because of you than because of a lot of people”, he says as he takes the instrument in his hands

For more than a month without her pet guitar, singer Roberta Miranda found herself with her musical instrument that she has been carrying around the world for 33 years. The singer had performed in Campo Grande and, until then, the information was that the instrument had been lost at the airport, but they discovered that the guitar was not even dispatched.

When the show is over, all the equipment is piled up, so they ended up taking the guitar by mistake. In a video posted on her Instagram, a woman identified as Alessandra personally takes the guitar to the singer.

When Roberta approaches the box where her instrument is and opens it, he with a smile from ‘ear to ear’, takes the guitar in his hands and kisses it. Happy of life, the singer says: “What I’ve cried because of you, I’ve cried more because of you than because of many people”, she says.

“Thanks to my fans, thanks to everyone who prayed for the guitar to appear,” he reports. Then the singer apologizes to Gol airline she traveled after the show at Campão Cultural, and says that the guitar was not even shipped.

For Roberta Miranda, the guitar is more than a musical instrument. “She is much more than an object for me, she is a symbol of my work, effort and dedication to Brazilian music. There are 33 years of history with this guitar. There is no value that pays the sentimental value it has for me ”, she commented in another post before reuniting with the guitar.

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