The designer questioned bisexuality and polyamory (Photo: Video capture)
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Weekend Florencia Peña sealed her love with Ramiro Ponce de León in a great wedding in the province of Salta where in addition to their relatives, several celebrities attended. As expected, his white dress caused a stir and one of those who analyzed it was Roberto Piazza. However, between theme and theme, the wedding issues ended up in the background because the designer launched controversial comments about bisexuality and polyamory that ended in strong clashes with journalists from We are on time (America).

On Sunday, the designer was invited to the program that leads Mariano Yezze on the screen in America, where he was scheduled to give his opinion on the outfits that Florencia Peña used the day before. However, things did not start in the best way and ended even worse. “Every bride has a definite style and it is known that she loves to be Only Fans, supersexy. I think she would have to get out of there from now on if she’s dressed in white with the kids here. It seems to me a complete lack of ethics“, held. From there, the fashion expert made a string of comments on polyamory and bisexuality that earned him crosses with the rest of the team that was present.

Roberto Piazza’s controversial comments on bisexuality and polyamory

Without qualms, the designer added: “I do not agree with polyamory, it does not exist.” And he questioned: “How can you love three people?” Likewise, he was involved in a debate with one of the program’s journalists and considered that “sex is one thing and love is another”: “If you have a wife and you love her, I don’t think she likes you very much in love with two people.

“It’s okay to incorporate another person into sex. I do that too. But It’s not called polyamory. It’s called polysex”, he assured. And he quickly added another opinion that generated repudiation on social networks: “I don’t agree either… since we’re going to discuss it well. I don’t agree with bisexuality either.. Bisexuality is a perversion, said by (Sigmund) Freud, (Jacques) Lacan, (Leo) Tolstoy… Bisexuality is a perversion. Not so homosexuality and lesbianism. It’s something else.”

The designer questioned bisexuality and polyamory (Photo: Video capture)

After this, the journalist German Marcucci He questioned it again: “With that argument of bisexuality, then, trans are also perverse, who does not perceive having gender, is also a pervert… the entire LGBTIQ+ collective would be perverse, except for heterosexuals and homosexuals…”.

Given this, Roberto Piazza lashed out again and pointed out: “The day you have relations with a woman and a man and you don’t know which way to run, You are going to ca… life or her or him. And you’re also going to screw up your children’s lives. The moment they find out that you’re with a woman and a man, they’re going to throw it in your face and you’re going to ca… life for both of them. I assure”.

To conclude, he returned once again to his controversial sayings: “Remember and if you don’t call a psychiatrist and ask him. I have been a psychiatrist for 35 years. I can assure you that this is the case. I am not saying it, Freud said it, that bisexuality is a perversion. Period, finished the subject”.


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