Rodrigo goes to a party in a bar, but in a fight, they shoot and a bullet kills him

Mexico City. Everything was ready to be an unforgettable night for Rodrigo and his friends, since they would celebrate the birthday of one of them in a bar, but after hours, a fight breaks out and one takes out a gun to shoot them. One of the bullets killed Rodrigo.

The events occurred last Saturday, around 2 in the morning and according to, Rodrigo had come to celebrate the birthday of Carlos Alberto to a bar located in the La Malinche neighborhood.

Everything was going well in the celebration, but suddenly A couple and another man arrived at the scene. all to join the celebration, but in a matter of seconds everything changed, when those who had just arrived began to argue with the celebrated.

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From the offenses, they went on to hits, but at a certain moment, one of the men who had just arrived, took a gun and started shooting against those present, wounding Rodrigo and Carlos Alberto.

After the attack, they immediately fled, as did many of the bar-goers. There, they were wounded, Rodrigo and Carloswhile friends called 911 to ask for help from paramedics.

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Within minutes, rescuers arrived, but Rodrigo, no longer had vital signswhile the celebrated, alive, was transferred for his attention.

So far, nothing is known about the attackers, while relatives of Rodrigo demand justice.


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