Horacio Rodríguez Larreta's tweet in the middle of the debate on the expansion of the Supreme Court
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The head of the Buenos Aires Government Horacio Rodriguez Larreta published on his Twitter account a harsh statement in which he targeted Kirchnerism in the middle of the debate for the expansion of the Supreme Court that was taking place during the afternoon of this Thursday in the Senate and that finally ended with the approval and turn to Deputies.

There will be no reform of the Court and there will be no impunity”, is called the statement published by the mayor of Buenos Aires.

“We Argentines are clear that we are not negotiating either democracy or the republic. We want to live with the values ​​and rules that the Constitution sets forth, with a division of powers and with an Independent Justice”, the letter begins.

And he adds: “Kirchnerism does not believe in this and now it is once again trying to control Justice and the Supreme Court. And it’s not surprising, because that’s what they did whenever they didn’t like the judges on duty.”

“My commitment and that of all Together for Change is to defend the republic and democracy. And, above all, we are going to defend Argentines by deepening the assembly of a serious and consistent government plan to change history from 2023 ″, he concludes.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta’s tweet in the middle of the debate over the expansion of the Supreme Court (Twitter/)

The Senate approved the expansion of the Supreme Court

without the vice president Cristina Kirchner present on the floor, the Senate approved the expansion of the Supreme Court of Justice, a project resisted by Together for Change, which did not contribute to the quorum.

The project to expand the Supreme Court originally proposed a composition of 25 members, but the Frente de Todos decided to lower the number to 15 in order to capture the votes it lackedincluding one of his own, that of Adolfo Rodríguez Saá from San Luis.

The debate took place prior to Cristina’s plea in the Vialidad case, where she is accused of leading an illicit association in order to direct public works in favor of businessman Lázaro Báez.

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