Rosalia was encouraged to play with different styles for his latest album, “motomi”. Between reggaeton, flamenco, pop and even a recitation, a song called “Teriyaki Chicken”. Inspired by that theme, she created her own sandwich with a Japanese recipe and in collaboration with the Spanish chef, David Munoz.

“MotoUmami” the sandwich they created together was called. The chef shared a video on his account where he is seen cooking with the singer, while they talked about their respective careers. Dabiz He stated that he greatly admires Rosalia “for his creativity, art and talent”.


The chef was able to find that they are similar. “Rosalía is an avant-garde and her creative process has many points in common with mine”explained David Munoz. It was inspiring for him to have been able to share that moment with the Catalan artist in his own restaurant.

Rosalia in “Chicken Teriyaki”

Rosalía in “Chicken Teriyaki” (YouTube/)

Finally, Rosalia got his sandwich. “This is the Japanese grilled chicken teriyaki sandwich that is inspired by its motomami”introduced the Spanish chef.

The singer also appreciated her friend’s help. “My favorite chef in the world, I still can’t believe I cooked with you… always admiring you”he wrote to her.

Rosalia’s sandwich recipe

The “MotoUmami” you can do it from home while listening to the singer’s latest album. It is pressed with a brioche cake and stuffed with teriyaki chicken.

To make it you need ginger, garlic, fennel, wine, soybeans, sake, onion, oil and something to caramelize.. The chicken is cooked on the grill and has to be served with tomato, French fries, truffle mayonnaise and the typical teriyaki sauce.

Rosalia and Dabiz Munoz

Rosalía and Dabiz Muñoz (Instagram/@dabizdiverxo/)

Rosalia has two concert dates in Argentina coming soon. On August 25 and 26, it will be presented at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires. Tickets sold out in just 15 minutes. They are part of a tour that will reach fifteen other countries.

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