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Within the framework of the judges’ summit that took place on Thursday, May 12 in Rosario, moments of maximum tension were experienced due to a robbery, followed by a shooting, just 200 meters from the premises where the members of the Supreme Court they presented their dissertations on drug trafficking.

The incidents occurred at noon in a shopping center located at the intersection of Dorrego and San Luis, in the heart of the downtown area. Suddenly they heard three shots that caused a general chaos, a few meters from the summit that convened magistrates from all over the country to treat the sensitive problem of drug trafficking.

criminals stole 40 thousand pesos and a cell phone of a polyrubro premises, whose owner had a firearm in his possession.

According to police sources, the merchant ran two blocks after the robbers with a gun in his hand and fired three shots into the air.

At a distance of just two blocks, more than a hundred federal judges met at the Law School of the National University of Rosario, where a security operation was mounted to match the circumstances.

Horacio Rosatti spoke in Rosario

Local media warned that the 380-caliber Bersa pistol was temporarily seized that the victim used, until he shows the documentation of the possession.

Two days before the summit convened by the Association of Federal Judges, groups linked to drug trafficking shot up the offices of the prison service headquarters. Alerts were also raised about possible attacks in other parts of the city with the purpose of intimidating the population and creating panic.

For its part, the mayor of Rosario, Pablo Javkindeclared: “We are facing an action of terrorism orchestrated by the mafias. They seek to intimidate prosecutors and judges so that they do not dare to accuse and convict them,” said the official.

“Everyone went into crisis”

One woman offered her testimony about the riots: “There were three shots in the air. A woman passed right next to her with her children and everyone went into a crisis. We gave them water. They were all scared,” she told Radius 2as reproduced Clarion.

The thieves, according to the witness, “told the customers that they were not going to be robbed. They asked the man directly for a backpack,” she explained.

The city of Rosario suffered this week the third triple crime of the year and recorded 106 victims who died of violence. Added to the above are the chilling record figures for April, which was the month with the most violent deaths in the history of the city, when 35 were confirmed.


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