Boys on court for the Pelezinho Futsal Cup (Photo: Disclosure)
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Semifinals were held this Saturday morning in Campo Grande

By Gabriel Neris | 11/19/2022 1:20 pm

Boys on court for the Pelezinho Futsal Cup (Photo: Disclosure)

This Saturday, the finalists of four categories of the Copa Pelezinho de Futsal were defined.

The sub-9 results were Escolinha Pelezinho A 4×3 Escolinha Pelezinho B and Escolinha Bayern 1×0 Augusto Sports/Impacto. For the sub-7, Escolinha Pelezinho A thrashed Pelezinho B by 12 to 0 and CT Mussi Sports beat Augusto Sports/Impacto by 7 to 2.

The sub-11 category had Escolinha Pelezinho B 5×0 AEB/Posto de Pé de Cedro/Sidrolândia and Escolinha Pelezinho A 4×0 Escolinha Bayern. The sub-13 results were AEB/Sicredi/Sidrolândia 4×3 Funlec and Escolinha Bayern 3×0 Nova Geração/Camapuã.

The finals are scheduled for the 26th of November at the Pelezinho/União dos Sargentos gymnasium, in Amambaí, Campo Grande.

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