Crown Prince Haakon and Mette-Marit (pictured right) in the company of Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel (left).

An outing is coming up for two queens: the Dutch princess Beatrixformer queen of the Netherlands, will go to Denmark for coffee on May 20th at Queen Margaretha† The visit is part of the festivities surrounding the five-hundredth anniversary of the presence of Dutch farmers in the Scandinavian country. The two elderly royals will be taken together by carriage to the Amager Museum to open an exhibition about this piece of history. Afterwards, they will attend a traditional demonstration with horses and visit another farm, where a Dutch family has specialized in growing organic vegetables, flowers and herbs.

And we linger in the north for a while, because during a visit to Sweden the Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon admittedly the Norwegians are a little jealous of their neighbours. The reason? Sweden has Ikea, Abba and Astrid Lindgren, among others. Crown Princess Mette-Marit is a big fan of Swedish fashion according to him. During the visit to the neighboring country, she wore a creation by her favorite designer Ebba von Eckermann, who passed away four years ago. And if you ever wondered whether princesses shop online: yes. Mette-Marit bought the dress through an eBay auction, it turns out.

Crown Prince Haakon and Mette-Marit (pictured right) in the company of Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel (left). © via REUTERS

The British Queen Elizabeth II continues to scale down its official activities. The 96-year-old Queen will no longer be attending garden parties this summer. In her place, other members of the royal family will show themselves at various events. Last October, the Queen unexpectedly had to spend a night in the hospital. Since then, she has been in more fragile health and – on doctor’s advice – she stays at home more. In recent months, she has been seen in public with a cane, but is said to use a wheelchair indoors as well. She reportedly does not want to be photographed in it.

Did attend a party at Buckingham Palace this week, and then without underwear: Spice Girl Mel B. She appeared in a tight dress from colleague Victoria Beckham with nothing underneath. She informed the British press that Beckham had proposed covers for her nipples, but Mel B also thought that was unnecessary. The 46-year-old singer received from Prince William an award for her longstanding commitment to Women’s Aid, a British organization that works for female victims of domestic violence.

Mel B at Buckingham Palace with Prince William.

Mel B at Buckingham Palace with Prince William. © AP

our royal couple, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, went on a state visit to Greece this week. The monarch has a special bond with the country because he is related to the former monarch Constantine, who has not been king since 1974. How about that? There is a double link with Queen Astrid, the grandmother of King Philippe, who died much too early, with Swedish and – important in this story – Danish roots. The Greek dynasty was imported from Denmark in the nineteenth century, with George I as its first king. He was Astrid’s great-uncle. The second link: Constantine is married to Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark, daughter of Queen Ingrid of Denmark. That was a full niece of Astrid. In principle it could even have been possible that ‘our’ king Philip also became king of Greece. If his ancestor Leopold of Saxe-Coburg had made a different decision at the time, the time had come. Before the German prince became the first king of the Belgians, he was offered the throne in the newly independent Greece in 1829.


On the third day of the visit to Greece, Queen Mathilde for local fashion. She wore a white ensemble with pink accents by designer Christos Costarellos. He previously made Mrs. Boris Johnson’s wedding dress and also has Ivanka Trump and Queen Máxima in his customer base.


Princess Charlotte was allowed to blow out seven candles on her birthday cake at the beginning of this week, on Monday 2 May. As usual, the British royal family released new photos of the girl on the occasion of the festive day. She is – literally – in the flowers. She poses in a blue sweater in a field full of equally blue hyacinths, near Anmer Hall, the family’s country home. In one of the photos, she’s cuddling with the family’s “new” dog, who was adopted after the previous one, Lupo, passed away. By the way, the pictures were taken by mom Kate Middletonwho has repeatedly proven to be an excellent amateur photographer in recent years.


Did you already know that Kate Middleton have a doppelganger? Her name is Brittany Dixon and you can find her in Australia and – perhaps a little easier – on TikTok. The two ladies not only have their looks in common, but also share a passion for art. Dixon is a painter who showcases her works through social media. Middleton studied art history at the University of St Andrews, where she Prince William met. Funny detail: the many followers of Dixon tried to motivate her in the comments under her videos to audition for Netflix series The crown, which Kate Middleton’s character will soon appear in. Dixon has effectively submitted a photo and a video of herself, although she does not yet know whether she has been selected.

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