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Russia affirms that the threat of nuclear conflict is latent

Russia affirms that the threat of nuclear conflict is latent

The vice president of the Russian Security Council, Dimitri Medvédev, expressed this Saturday that, although nobody wants to unleash war, the threat of a nuclear conflict always exists.


Russia accuses Ukraine of foiling IAEO security deal

“All of our people know that the nuclear missile targets of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) countries are facilities in our country, and our warheads are aimed at targets located in Europe and the United States. But that’s life. That is why we must always think about it and carry out a responsible policy, ”said the official in an interview with local media.

The former Russian president confirmed that it is obvious that the threat exists, although nobody wants war, especially a nuclear war, since it is a danger to the existence of humanity.

“In this sense, analysts who say, perhaps cynically, that the creation of nuclear weapons prevented a large number of conflicts in the 20th and 21st centuries are right. It’s the truth. In fact, this is the case,” he pointed out.

Medvedev stressed that Russia could use its nuclear weapons only in case of an attack against its territory, or against its nuclear facilities, or against the territories of its allies, but asserts that the disagreements must find a solution through diplomatic channels.

“It is clear that we assume that in the most difficult situations, such as the one we currently have, for example, related to Ukraine, negotiations, diplomatic efforts are the best way, the most correct. Negotiations do not always achieve success, but you have to follow that path, ”he pointed out.

The official recalled the October Crisis of 1962, which served as a lesson for everyone, both for the former Soviet Union, as well as for the US, NATO and the members of the Warsaw Pact. “Now the situation in certain spheres is worse than then, because at that time our opponents did not try to bring the situation in the Soviet Union to a crisis with that degree of hatred,” he said.

Russian soldiers distribute aid to civilians in Chernigov

In the midst of the Russian special military operation deployed in Ukraine since February 24, the Russian military has opened humanitarian corridors and distributed aid to civilians.

This Friday they provided help in the town of Chernigov, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. “The Russian military ensured the safe transfer and delivery of more than seven tons of humanitarian aid to the residents of a village located near the Ukrainian city of Chernigov,” he said.

About 700 people live in the area, most of them elderly and children. Russia’s cargo included essential goods such as baby food, cereals, canned meat, vegetables, etc.

The entity revealed that an inter-institutional coordination headquarters was created to coordinate the humanitarian response to the situation in Ukraine, which includes representatives of all Russian federal bodies, state companies and organizations, as well as regional ones.

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