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Russia asks NATO to stop handing weapons to Kiev

Sergei Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on NATO and the United States to stop delivering weapons to Ukraine if “they are really interested in solving the Ukrainian crisis”.

In an interview published this Saturday by the official Chinese news agency Xinhua, Lavrov recalled that “a continuous flow of weapons of all kinds has entered Ukraine through Poland and other NATO countries”.

“If the United States and NATO are really interested in solving the Ukrainian crisis, then, above all, they must wake up and stop handing over arms and ammunition to the Kiev regime,” added the head of Russian diplomacy.

On Tuesday, military leaders from around 40 countries met in Ramstein, Germany, having decided to meet monthly to discuss strengthening Ukraine’s military capabilities against Russia.

In the interview with Xinhua, Lavrov assured that the offensive that began on February 24 “is proceeding according to plan”.

“All the objectives of the special military operation will be achieved despite the obstruction of our adversaries,” added the Russian Foreign Minister.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky acknowledged on Friday night that the situation in the northeastern region of the country, where Russian forces are concentrating their offensive, is “difficult”. “But our military is achieving tactical successes,” he added.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry gave an example to Rouska Lozova, a town north of Kharkiv that Russian forces were using to attack Ukraine’s second largest city.

Rouska Lozova was recovered by the Ukrainians after intense fighting and more than 600 residents were evacuated, the ministry said.

On April 22, the European Union and the United States expressed “concern about China’s repeated manipulation of information, including through the dissemination of Moscow disinformation”, about the war in Ukraine.

Beijing has refused to condemn the invasion of Ukraine and defends its friendship with Moscow.

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine on February 24 that has killed about 3,000 civilians, according to the UN, which warns that the real number is likely to be much higher.

The military offensive caused the flight of more than 12 million people, of which more than 5.4 million were out of the country, according to the latest UN data.

The Russian invasion was condemned by the international community in general, which responded by sending weapons to Ukraine and reinforcing economic and political sanctions on Moscow.


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