Russia blocks website of German newspaper Bild

The Russian media regulator (Roskomnadzor) has blocked access to the website of the German newspaper Bild in Russia, Interfax reported.

The page was blocked at the request of the Attorney General’s Office on Saturday, reports Interfax quoted by the Efe news agency.

In recent weeks, Russia has blocked and banned access in the country to various media and other sources of information, both international and Russian, critical of the Kremlin.

The argument presented is that these media spread false information about the so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine or allow, in the case of social networks, calls for violence against Russians, including the military.

Among the media banned in Russia are international media such as Euronews, BBC, Deutsche Welle, Voice of America and Radio Liberty, as well as Russian independents Echo Moscow, Tv Rain and Meduza (based in Latvia).

In addition, Russia has restricted access to Google’s news service and the social networks Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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