Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.  (HANDOUT / RUSSIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY / AFP).

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of RussiaSergei Lavrov, denounced this Saturday the “total hybrid war” declared by the West against his country and warned that it will have “consequences for everyone without exception.”

“It is difficult to predict how long the total hybrid war that the West has collectively declared against us will last, but it is clear that the consequences will be felt by all, without exception,” he claimed Lavrov from the Russian Defense Policy Council, according to the Russian news agency Interfax.

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Lavrov He stressed that “we have done everything possible to avoid a direct confrontation, but a challenge has been launched and we, obviously, have accepted it.” “Sanctions are not foreign to us. They have always been in one way or another,” he added.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. (HANDOUT / RUSSIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY / AFP).

In addition, he expressed his surprise at the “absolutely cavernous Russophobic outbreak” and denounced that Russia is being the victim of a “real robbery” by these sanctions. “No one is immune from Western state piracy.”

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For the Russian leader, The United States attacks anyone who aspires to an “independent” policy and thus undermines its ability to negotiate.

Lavrov further stressed that “not even in the darkest years of the Cold War does Russia remember such a ‘synchronization’ in the expulsion of diplomats and warned that the next line of defense of the NATO It will be the South China Sea area.

Finally, Lavrov announced the activation of a “special regime” for Russian diplomats “necessary for the new tasks entrusted by the country’s leadership to protect its national interests.

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